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Welcome to the world of Bertie Chippington's chilli products. We are artisan producers of our signature sauce  Bertie Chippington's 'Crazy Muddy Flipper' Hot Pepper Sauce  Our sauce is  vegan friendly  with no added salt, sugar or preservatives; it's a versatile sauce that can be used as a condiment or as a cooking ingredient in all sorts of dishes, so be sure to check out our  Recipes  page to see how we cook with our sauce. We are a husband and wife team from Preston, Lancashire and we create our small batch products from our home that we have lovingly coined "Chippington Towers"'. In addition to our signature sauce we also create  vegan friendly Salt & Pepper Seasoning  Chilli Jams  and  Chilli Peanuts. We also produce non vegan  Chilli Chocolate Truffles Chilli Chocolate Popcorn & Chilli Cakes  and we like to call ourselves 'chilli alchemists'! All of our ingredients are locally sourced (where possible) or sourced in the UK and the majority of our packaging is recycled, widely recycled and recyclable. We also produce  Chilli Gift Hampers  presented in a wooden crate hand made by Bertie Chippington himself in his workshop at Chippington Towers, using 100% reclaimed timber. 

About Us...

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We Take Sustainability Seriously

Here at Bertie Chippington's we don't kill the world in order to get our product to you. All our tree based consumables are recycled, recyclable or reclaimed. For example, all the wood used for the gift hamper crates are made from reclaimed timber, foraged from one of Bertie's mates' building site skip. Whilst some of our products are packaged in plastic we use PET packaging, which is fully recyclable and a highly sustainable material.

Supporting Local Products

Wherever possible we like to source locally, however for some of our ingredients we do have to reach out a little further, although always within the UK.