Moo..dy Blue Pie

Get your five-a-day...
Get your five-a-day...

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Smashed garlic for a subtle sweetness...
Smashed garlic for a subtle sweetness...

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...let battle commence.
...let battle commence.

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Get your five-a-day...
Get your five-a-day...

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Please note that when you read the word “moody” you must emphasise the moo... like what a cow does.

Ingredients (serves 2 hungry adults)...
400g diced stewing steak
3 x beef oxo cubes
1 x Smashed garlic clove
Chantenay carrots
2 baby parsnips
2 large potatoes
Some Sliced runner beans
Crumbled Stilton cheese
Bertie Chippington’s 'Crazy Muddy Flipper Hot Pepper Sauce
Puff pastry

I used a slow cooker to cook the beef, I added the beef three oxo cubes, water and smashed garlic clove to the slow cooker and cooked on low for eight hours and thickened the gravy in the slow cooker
Once the beef if slow cooked heat the oven to 200°C
Put a Pan of water on to boil
Peel and cut potatoes into chips then boil for about seven minutes
Put a baking tray with some olive oil in the oven to heat up
Drain the chips then sprinkle with flour and give them a good tossing so they are all coated
Put the coated chips in the hot oil and put in the oven
Meanwhile take your skillet pan and add some butter then add the carrots and parsnips and toss them around the pan until browned then drizzle with honey and let the sauce reduce until it is sticky
Transfer them to a baking tray and place in the oven for about 10 minutes
I made individual pies so I divided the steak and gravy between the two pots then added a generous amount of stilton cheese crumbled and then added a generous teaspoon of crazy muddy flipper hot pepper sauce to mine, I added 2 generous teaspoons to Bertie’s dish

I used ready rolled puff pastry as I am no pastry chef!
Cut 2 circles that would fit the top of the pots and put them on the baking tray along with the two pots of steak then put them in the oven with the chips
Give the chips a good tossing
Once the pies and chips are almost ready put the carrots and parsnips back into the skillet pan and add the sliced runner beans to heat them up
All that’s left to do now is to serve up this deliciously tasty meal
I crumbled some stilton onto the plate and served up

We hope you enjoy this recipe

Tag us into photos if you decide to make this dish

Until the next time…